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I cannot thank Kavita enough. The way i feel now compared to when we started is like night and day. I am actually feeling little to no overwhelm on a Monday morning which is unbelievable. You have been amazing. Every session has been so professional and focused.

A. Sandi

High Sensitivity Empowerment Mastery Training

Kavita has had a massively positive impact on my life. My health, emotional state and relationships have all improved and sessions with her have helped me find more joy and satisfaction in all areas of my life. She is warm and non judgemental which played a big role in helping me. She would patiently listen to me and my concerns, she would always respond to my issues with empathy and would consistently aid me in finding out where the root of my issues are as well as giving me tools to cope with the issues i am facing. She has truly made an impact on me and i massively appreciate the help and support i have received from her.

J. Adu

High Sensitivity Empowerment Mastery Training